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The SWO1

Easy installation

The SW01 has been developed in collaboration with experienced foresters and forestry companies and is the solution for the maintenance of unpaved roads. The SW01 maintenance the entire road width in 1 act!

The main advantages of the SW01 are its reliability, its economical use of fuel and its simplicity of operation.

Features of the SW01 are :

  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly road maintenance
  • Suitable for tractors with three point connection
  • Hydraulic and 12 V connection

With the SWO1 it’s possible to maintain a lot of kilometers per day.

The road doesn’t need to be shut down and the fuel emission is lower because the entire road can been maintained in 1 act. All together this makes the SWO1 a highly innovated machine and a top investment to maintain forest roads.

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003 tractor

For every model

By the three point mounting can be mounted on the SWO1 virtually every agricultural tractor. So is the very fast to confirm SWO1 and you can get started quickly.

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Solid craftsmanship, combined with a variety of advanced machines, ensures that Wullems construction and Platework can continuously adapt to the needs of its customers.

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