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About us

The SWO1 is a maintenance machine for unpaved forest and country roads.

The development is established, because of the demand for a more innovative way of maintaining these roads.

The machine is founded and born in Bayerische Spessart in Germany, that’s where we developed the machine together with experienced foresters and forestry companies.

A path of up to a maximum width of 4 meters can be maintained in one transition by means of 5 adjustable arms.

This gives a gigantic time gain compared to maintaining with one shield where this road has to be driven 3 to 5 times.

Since maintaining these roads depends on weather conditions, you can now make more kilometers in a day.

By maintaining these roads 3-5 times a year, less material is needed because we bring the lost material back inside, this preventing big holes, trackways of the big trucks/machines and grass growth in the road surface, this promotes the drainage of the water to the side.

We can easily collect and dispose of other materials such as grass, etc. 

By means of the three-point suspension for agricultural machines the SWO1 is easy to attach and operate, a tractor of 90 Ps is already sufficient.