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Field of application

Application of the SWO1

The SWO1 has been rated by a lot of Forestry companies and communities as a great and a highly innovated machine.

The equipment is especially applicable to the maintenance of aqueous coatings such as gravel / pebbles (maximum grain size 0/15 - 0/32).

Regular maintenance of the road (3-5 times a year) with the road maintenance equipment SWO1 improves the life and the preservation of the longitudinal and transverse profiles, improves drainage and prevents overgrowth of grass and weeds between the edge of the road and the shoulder.


Several companies that have used the equipment have confirmed the excellent results. Developed by experienced foresters and forestry companies.



Operating speed up to 20km/h

Minimum requirement for tractors 67 kW / 90 HP

Preparation time (attachment- detachment) 15 Minutes



Transport length 2,550mm

Transport width 2,500mm

Transport height 1,250mm

Operating width 2,550mm – 4,000mm

Total weight 1,300 kg

Hydraulic adjustable 7 cylinder

Electrical energy 12 Volt